Fiscal year 2023 budget signed into law

Idaho Funds

The Idaho Division of Career Technical Education’s (IDCTE) fiscal year 2023 budget became law last week.

Our budget included several line items, which will be added to our FY 2023 base budget. These items included:

  1. $702,600 increase to secondary program added-cost funds.
  2. $127,000 increase to the Idaho Quality Program Standards for additional grants.
  3. $113,900 increase for an additional program quality manager position (including full benefits).
  4. $1,020,000 for postsecondary program expansion.

Additionally, JFAC approved a $10 million investment recommended by the governor to continue expanding career technical education in Idaho. While the funds are allocated differently than the governor’s recommendation, it still provides a significant one-time influx of funds to help support CTE. One significant change is the exclusion of the creation of a $5 million fund that would have allowed the Division to fund new secondary programs the school year following their approval.

JFAC’s motion included a $4 million allocation each for secondary and postsecondary expansion and modernization, $1.5 million for developing and building a data management system that integrates with ISEE, and $500,000 for secondary program prioritization and alignment.