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Workplace Readiness

Workplace Readiness Nursing and EMT students

COVID-19 and ICTE Assessments (4/29/2020)

The board approved waiving Workplace Readiness Assessment and Technical Skill Assessment requirements for the state this year.  In the event that your school opens, you may still choose to give the assessments; however, assessment data will not be used next year for funding or grant decisions.  The deadline for testing has been extended through the end of the school year.

If you reopen and plan to test, please notify Michael DeVore.  Test tickets will be available based on March ISEE data (excluding trimesters).  CTECS still requires a proctored exam and virtual proctoring is not available.

Criticality Survey

Workplace Skills Career Readiness Standards

Statewide/District Results

While students might be trained to be technically-ready to perform their skill set, they often need assistance and guidance to be professionally-ready for any workplace. 



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