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Workplace Readiness

Workplace Readiness Nursing and EMT students

Employability skills, often referred to as Workplace or Career Readiness skills, have for many years been a recognizable component of standards and curriculum in all career and technical education (CTE) programs. The Workplace Readiness Standards are designed to ensure students graduate from high school properly prepared with skills employers prioritize as the most important. The standards provide a means through which students may acquire and exhibit leadership qualities, as leadership development principles are embedded in most, if not all, of the standards.

The Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA) measures understanding of the career readiness standards in personal, professional, and technical knowledge and skills and is required for Idaho CTE students. CTE capstone students and seniors enrolled in at least their second CTE course (grades 9-12) should take the WRA. This includes any/all CTE courses, and some students may be enrolled in courses from different CTE program areas.

Students can also demonstrate to employers that they have passed the WRA through a SkillStack® badge or microcredential.

Idaho Workplace Skills for Career Readiness Standards (2021)

Idaho Workplace Skills for Career Readiness Standards Crosswalk

Criticality Survey

Statewide/District Results

Results by Standard

While students might be trained to be technically-ready to perform their skill set, they often need assistance and guidance to be professionally-ready for any workplace. 



Workplace Readiness Assessment Practice

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