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Who We Support

Construction instructor and student.

You lead, engage, teach, and inspire our future workforce.

We are committed to offering you:

  • Resources to advocate for, recruit students to, and enhance Idaho’s career technical education at your school.
  • Better opportunities for professional development to help you in your classroom.
  • Access to information specifically for you through our Educator Portal.
Dental Students

You are Idaho’s future.
We are dedicated to your success.

Career technical education (CTE) provides relevant career training through:

  • Idaho’s public schools.
  • Online through CTE Digital.
  • Idaho’s six technical colleges.

Every CTE program or class is aligned with careers available here in Idaho.

When you enroll in a CTE course you learn by doing, and gain real-world skills that your future employers need.

Female student working on automobile.

We are dedicated to providing you with a skilled talent pipeline.

The value of CTE is that it:

  • Connects students to real careers.
  • Makes education meaningful through applied learning.
  • Provides a talent pipeline for Idaho’s businesses.
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