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Who We Support

Construction instructor and student.

You lead, engage, teach, and inspire our future workforce.

We are committed to offering you:

  • Connects students to real careers
  • Makes education meaningful through applied learning
  • Provides a talent pipeline for Idaho’s Businesses
Dental Students

You are Idaho’s future.
We are dedicated to your success.

Career & Technical Education (CTE) provides relevant career training through:

  • Idaho’s public schools
  • Online through CTE Digital
  • Idaho’s six technical colleges

Every CTE program or class is aligned with careers available here in Idaho.

When you enroll in a CTE course you learn by doing, and gain real-world skills that your future employers need.

Female student working on automobile.

We are dedicated to providing you with a skilled talent pipeline.

The value of career & technical education is that it:

  • Resources to advocate for, recruit students to, and enhance Idaho’s career & technical education at your school.
  • Better opportunities for professional development to help you in your classroom.
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