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Employers are critical to our ability to prepare Idaho’s youth and adults for high-skill, in-demand careers. Though Idaho’s comprehensive Career Technical Education system, we leverage strategic partnerships between employers, secondary, and postsecondary education to ensure direct alignment around workforce needs. 

There are many ways industry can engage in career technical education; from local-level Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) to state-level collaboration through the Idaho Workforce Development Council (WDC) and the Idaho CTE Stakeholder Council. Each of these partnerships provide the critical collaboration required for Idaho to have a skilled and ready workforce. 

As we continue to expand the opportunities for employers to engage in the local and state programming of CTE, we believe those involved will continue to see a significant return on investment of their time and resources. 

We encourage you to engage through local TAC’s, the WDC, or Idaho CTE’s Stakeholder Council to continue the conversation on the practice of preparing Idaho’s youth and adults for high-skill, in-demand careers.

If you are looking for ways to engage, please contact us so we can put you into contact with the appropriate school district, postsecondary institution, or committee.


Clay Long, PhD  
State Administrator 
Idaho Career Technical Education         

Wendi Secrist 
Executive Director
Idaho Workforce Development Council

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