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The Assignment Credential Manual is intended to help you match up your endorsements on your credential (certification), to the course assignments that you are able to teach with your given endorsements. 

The Idaho State Department of Education has created the Idaho System for Educational Excellence (ISEE), a K-12 Longitudinal Data System, which supports our budgeting processes, data submissions, and delivers information to educational stakeholders to create data driven decisions.

2024-2025 IDCTE Assignment Credential Manual

Secondary course descriptions (revised Mar. 29, 2024)

Secondary crosswalk (revised Mar. 29, 2024)

2023-2024 IDCTE Assignment Credential Manual

Secondary course descriptions (revised Dec. 20, 2023)

Secondary crosswalk (revised Dec. 20, 2023)


Reporting CTE Data in ISEE

CTE – ISEE Roadshow (revised Aug. 2023)

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