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Workforce Readiness and Career Technical Education (CTE) Diploma 

Workforce Readiness and Career Technical Education (CTE) Diploma

Twenty-first-century graduates are expected to have more skills than ever before. Not only must they have strong academic skills in reading, math, and science, but they must also be able to apply these skills in the workplace. CTE programs are designed to ensure graduates obtain the academic and technical skills that give students multiple pathways to success. 

To acknowledge that CTE programs enhance students’ high school experience and help prepare them for the demands of today’s employers, the 2021 Idaho State Legislature created the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma.  

Like all high school students, students enrolled in CTE programs need to meet the academic requirements. In addition, they must also demonstrate their increased level of college and career readiness.  

General information

Which students are eligible to earn the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma? 

Juniors or seniors who complete a CTE pathway are eligible if they: 

  • Complete all graduation requirements established by the Idaho State Board of Education. 
  • Complete a CTE pathway that culminates with a capstone course as a junior or senior. 
  • Pass a technical skills assessment (TSA). 
  • Pass a workplace readiness assessment (WRA). 
  • Demonstrate competency of CTE program standards by earning all SkillStack® microcredentials for their pathway or an approved industry certification. 

What are the benefits of earning the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma?  

For students, the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma helps them:  

  • Prepare for both college and careers. 
  • Earn college credits while still in high school. 
  • Explore Idaho’s high-skill, high-demand occupations. 
  • Gain practical, real-world working experience. 
  • Earn employer-recognized certifications and microcredentials. 
  • Develop and articulate valuable technical and employability skills sought by employers. 
  • Enter the world after graduation confident in their ability to meet their employer’s needs. 

For employers, the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma helps them: 

  • Find qualified employees for their most hard-to-fill positions. 
  • Reduce the time and money invested in training new employees. 
  • Identify candidates who possess the employability skills necessary to succeed in the workplace.  

What is a pathway?  

A pathway is a prescribed sequence of CTE courses culminating with a capstone course. 

What is a microcredential? 

A microcredential is a recognized credential that confirms mastery of skills or concepts. Through demonstration and assessment, educators measure skills in SkillStack® that translate into a digital badge.  

What is an industry certification?  

An industry certification is any certification or bundle of certifications recognized by business and industry at the local, state or national level. Students must pass an approved industry certification to count towards the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma requirements.    

Can students who complete multiple pathways earn multiple seals?  

No. The seal is the same regardless of which CTE pathway a student completes. Although students may complete more than one CTE pathway, only one seal may be earned per qualifying student. 

District information 

Which districts can award the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma? 

All districts are encouraged to offer this diploma to students enrolled in a CTE pathway. If your district doesn’t have a pathway program, you can apply for a new program in February. If you’re unsure if your district has a pathway program, use the CTE Programs Directory

How do districts receive Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma seals? 

School districts should request diploma seals by April 7. Diploma seals will be mailed to school districts in April. 

Do districts have to report how many students earned the Workforce Readiness and CTE Diploma?  

Annually, districts will need to report the number of diplomas awarded by June 30 using this form.

Can districts or career technical centers modify requirements for earning the diploma?  


CTE Diplomas Awarded

By prioritizing student success and achievement, Idaho’s Workforce Readiness and CTE diploma requirements appropriately recognize that CTE enhances the traditional high school experience. 


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