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Returning postsecondary educators 


Use this application if you at a college/university and hold a five-year renewable certificate that is expiring Aug. 31 of the current year. Don’t apply for renewal before Jan. 1 of the year your certificate expires as it will be returned to you. If you don’t renew your certificate before it expires, you’ll have to complete an application for reinstatement.  

There’s no additional fee to apply for additional endorsements and/or certificates when you renew your certificate. However, appropriate documentation must be included to verify the additional endorsement requirements have been met. 

To renew your certificate, follow the instructions in the application packet. All required documents, including transcripts, must be included for an application to be considered complete.

Postsecondary occupational specialist renewal application packet 

CTE professional development activity form 


Use this application if your five-year Idaho CTE certificate has expired. You’ll be issued a nonrenewable, three-year CTE Interim Certificate. During the validity period of this certificate, you must meet all requirements for your specific certificate and endorsement areas to apply for a five-year renewable certificate later.  

Important: If you’re applying for reinstatement, we recommended you’ve secured a position before being issued a three-year CTE Interim Certificate to ensure you can complete two years of performance evaluations. 

All required documents must be included in one packet to consider your application complete.  

Postsecondary Occupational Specialist application packet 


Use this application if you hold a five-year renewable Idaho certificate and want to add new certificate(s) and/or endorsement(s). Revisions to an Idaho credential may be requested at when the credential is being renewed or at any other time. 

All required documents must be included in one packet for an application to be considered complete. Supporting documents justifying the request for new or different endorsements must be included as attachments to the application. Under Section I: Type, mark your application as a revision. 

Postsecondary Occupational Specialist application packet 

Do you work at a college or university? Find renewal, reinstatement, and revision resources.

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