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What Is SkillStack®? 

SkillStack® is a microcertification platform that allows Idaho’s educators to validate skills; leading to industry-relevant digital badges and/or college credit. 

How Digital Badges Work 

A microcertification is a recognized credential that confirms mastery of skills or concepts.  Through  demonstration  and  assessment,  educators  measure  skills  in  SkillStack®  that  translate into a digital badge. Digital badges are the visual representation of a microcertification and are embedded with data that verifies your skills and achievements. 

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It’s simple to gain skills, earn badges, use badges to get college credit or a job.

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Search for candidates based on the skills you need. Start connecting with qualified individuals now.

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Track demonstrated competencies to ensure your student’s are prepared for their next step whether it’s college, other training, or employment.

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Students can own, display, store and share their digital portfolio (backpack) in many platforms. 




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Taylor Stump
SkillStack® and Performance Management Coordinator

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