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When you opt to participate in the InSpIRE Cohort, you are committing two years to:

  • Network and grow with other Limited Occupational Specialists in Idaho and in your region.
  • Receive timely, ongoing support to help you be successful as you enter the teaching profession from industry.
  • Hone your teaching methods and approaches to help you and your students be increasingly successful in your content area of expertise.
  • Immerse yourself in understanding career technical education in Idaho.
  • …and so much more!


As you can review in the schedule, each year of the InSpIRE Cohort training years begin with variations on the Summer Academy. Thereafter, Cohort participants meet regionally during one Saturday per month for eight consecutive months during the school year. Find the InSpIRE Regional Calendars here. Projects and assignments will be completed between sessions and during summer months; insofar as possible, projects and assignments will utilize materials and assignments already expected of you in your instructional position.

Expenses Associated With Participation

Tuition. There is no tuition fee associated with being a member of the cohort. Participants are able to complete requirements to move to a Standard Occupational Specialist certificate following successful completion this course without spending money for tuition.

Electronic Portfolio. “Performance” and “demonstration” of content and teaching pedagogy standards are required of all teachers. As such, each cohort participant will have a subscription for an electronic portfolio. Assignments, projects, progress notes, etc., will be held in this portfolio as evidence of met standards and competencies.

Travel and Other Expenses. Travel and other expenses associated with cohort participation will be the LOS participant’s responsibility; IDCTE will not reimburse these expenses. As you are employed at an educational district or institution, work with your supervisor to see if she/he can assist in defraying travel expenses including travel, accommodations, and meals.

InSpiRE Ready

The first InSpIRE Cohort began with Summer Academy 2017.

The Limited Occupational Specialist (LOS) participant must be employed by an Idaho school district or technical college in order to participate in the InSpIRE Cohort opportunity.

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