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Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute

Professional Development Opportunity

Are you:

  • Forward thinking?
  • Change-oriented?
  • Interested in being the next generation of career and technical leadership?

The Leadership Institute may be for you!

For over twenty years, the Idaho Division of Career Technical Education has invited new members into Leadership Institute. Read on to consider whether Leadership Institute may be for you.

What is the Leadership Institute?

The Leadership Institute is a commitment to your professional development.

Leadership Institute is a premier opportunity for Idaho CTE professionals to learn, experience, and develop leadership skills specific to a career in career technical education.  

Launched in 2000, Leadership Institute was created as an opportunity for teachers and others in Idaho career technical education fields to focus on developing leadership skills, learn about state and national policy and advocacy, and network with other up-and-coming CTE leaders in CTE. These experiences help develop a stronger sense of personal leadership and confidence through specially designed activities, seminars, and conferences that will enable participants to impact and influence career technical education in their schools or institutions, their region, and beyond.  

Leadership Institute accepts nominations for new members each year and provides a competitive selection process for up to six new members. Each year members graduate from the program after completing all the requirements. Institute members have gone on to hold principal, administrator, dean, and other leadership positions in the state, including as the IDCTE State Administrator.  

Leadership Institute is open to all who work in career technical education in Idaho. It may be right for you now or at some point in the future when you have an interest in advancing your CTE career into a leadership role and when you can commit to the time and focus necessary to complete the program.   

The program consists of five basic components: 

  1. Attending seminars on Idaho and national career technical education policies, administration, and leadership. 
  1. Participating in the Idaho Association of School Administrators Project Leadership seminar, which includes a conference each year for three years and a research project. Project Leadership includes a component of regional meetings that vary from region to region; Leadership Institute members must attend five regional meetings each year. The meeting schedule is under ‘What are the required meetings?’ tab. 
  1. Creating an Administrative Professional Development Plan. 
  1. Working toward or earning an Idaho Career Technical Education administrator’s endorsement, or working toward advancing your academic preparation for a leadership role.  
  1. As an optional component to the final year, participating in mentoring and/or an internship. 

Each Institute meeting involves working on a project and/or participating as a group with one or more specialists or consultants who focus on fundamental education and leadership concepts and issues that will assure insight into the dimensions of the operation, funding, maintenance, and design of career technical programs. Participants are expected to attend the ACTE National Policy Seminar, ACTE Best Practices or ACTE Vision, CTEI State Policy Seminar, three Project Leadership annual conferences (Sun Valley), IASA Project Leadership regional meetings, and one IDCTE Connect summer conference each year. During the three years of participation in Leadership Institute, each participant will be encouraged to complete the requirements for an Idaho Career Technical Education Administrator Certificate. This requirement necessitates the completion of at least 15 semester credits of coursework in school leadership that includes, but is not limited to, coursework in school finance, supervision of personnel, and school law. All course requirements for the Institute activities are provided by both Idaho State University and the University of Idaho. 

What are the costs involved?

Who is Leadership Institute is sponsored by IDCTE.  

IDCTE believes in the power of Leadership Institute and underwrites its activities by not only paying for most of the program costs but also providing administration, academic advising, and leadership to the group. As such, attendance is mandatory at all Leadership Institute activities planned for the members. Throughout the three-year program, members will travel to two national conferences, one state conference, one Connect summer conference each year, Project Leadership annual meetings in Sun Valley (one per year) and five regional half-day meetings, and other various state meetings that may be held from time to time.

Leadership Institute Pays     

Leadership Institute covers the costs associated with state and national travel (transportation, lodging, per diem) and conference registration fees.* 

Cohort Member Pays  

Cohort members must pay for their individual ACTE, CTEI, and state association memberships and any costs associated with obtaining transcripted credits at the University of Idaho or Idaho State University. Members may be required to pay for costs associated with their Project Leadership regional meetings, such as lunch.  

Cohort Member’s Employer Pays  

The cohort member’s employer must pay for any costs associated with classroom substitutes or other coverage necessitated due to required absences.  

*Cohort members are expected to attend one Connect summer conference each year. These expenses are not covered by IDCTE and are normally covered by the employer.  

Who is qualified?

Individuals who work in Idaho career technical education are welcome to pursue nomination for Leadership Institute. Individuals must be nominated by their supervisor. Candidates must be in a position to commit to the requirements of the three-year program, and ideally, they should be in a place in their career where they are exploring a step up to a leadership role and willing to experience and learn all that Leadership Institute has to offer. Because applicants must be nominated for the program by their supervisor, they have demonstrated the required support to devote time and resources toward completing the program.  

Once nominated, candidates will be invited to apply. The nomination and application process does not guarantee acceptance into Leadership Institute. The application process is competitive but also balanced. Applicants will be considered based on their leadership, academic preparation, and career goals; enthusiasm for career technical education; and nomination support. To balance the groups, consideration will also be given to ensure the Leadership Institute opportunity is available to all aspects of career technical education in Idaho.  

Preferred applicants will evidence the following qualifications:

  1. Employed in a position related to career technical education in Idaho  
  1. Recommended by a supervisor with support from employer for participation in the program  
  1. Evidence of academic preparation includes (1) hold a bachelor’s degree, or be willing to work toward earning a bachelor’s degree while participating in the program OR (2) hold a master’s degree (a requirement for the CTE administrator’s certification) or be willing to work toward a master’s degree while participating in the program 
  1. Minimum of three years teaching in an occupational area (one of the requirements for the CTE administrator’s certification)  
  1. Have completed or be willing to complete a minimum of four of the five following courses:  
  • Principles/Foundations of Career Technical Education 
  • Occupational Analysis/Curriculum Design 
  • Career Guidance/Occupations  
  • Methods of Teaching 
  • Assessments/Evaluations 
  1. Desire to contribute in a leadership role at some level in career technical education  
  1. Current membership in ACTE, CTEI, and Idaho professional association (teaching, counselor, administrator, other section of CTEI)  


What are the required meetings?


All assigned Leadership Institute meetings are mandatory. Every meeting is not assigned to every member annually, but each member will be assigned the following meetings during the three-year period:   

Every member will attend two national meetings one time: (1) National Policy Seminar and (2) either ACTE Best Practices or ACTE Vision.  

Every member will attend one state meeting one time: State Policy Seminar (Boise).  

All members will attend Project Leadership (Sun Valley) every year and participate in sequence: (1) Level One, (2) Level Two, and (3) Level Three; all members will participate in five regional meetings (half-day) throughout each school year during the three-year program.  

All members must attend one Connect summer conference each year; date and location of their choice.  

YearSummerFall Spring
AIDCTE Connect Summer Conference 
July, August, or September 
ACTE Best Practices  
September or October   
ACTE Vision  
IASA Project Leadership 
October or November 
Fall IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 
Possible Spring LI Meeting 
Spring IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 
BIDCTE Summer Conference  
July, August, or September 
IASA Project Leadership 
October or November 
Fall IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 
CTEI State Policy Seminar 
Possible Spring LI Meeting 
Spring IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 
CIDCTE Connect Summer Conference  
July, August, or September 
IASA Project Leadership 
October or November 
Fall IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 
ACTE National Policy Seminar  March 

Possible Spring Leadership Institute Meeting 

Spring IASA Project Leadership Regional Meetings 

Idaho Division of Career Technical Education (IDCTE) is funding and facilitating activities for the IDCTE Leadership Institute. The purpose of this Institute is to prepare the next generation of district and state career technical leaders. It is designed to produce forward-thinking and change-oriented leaders through a three-year program of study. Up to six new prospective leaders will be initiated into the Institute each year. 


New for 2022
Because of the time commitment and support required by the participant’s employer, starting this year, Leadership Institute will accept nominations only from supervisors. Every candidate who is nominated will be invited to apply. Nominations are due by April 20. Applications are due by the end of the day on May 13.

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