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Closing the Skills Gap grant overview

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration awarded $99,281,216 in grant investments to 28 grantees for the H-1B Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap (CSG) grant program in February 2020. 

The primary goal of this grant program is to increase apprenticeship opportunities for all Americans by accelerating the expansion of apprenticeships to industry sectors and occupations that have not traditionally deployed apprenticeships for building a skilled workforce, such as advanced manufacturing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and health care, and by promoting the large-scale expansion of apprenticeships across the nation to a range of employers, including small and medium-sized employers. 

CSG grantees are represented by 17 institutions of higher education (IHE) and 11 nonprofit trade, industry, or employer associations; labor unions; or labor-management organizations. All grant projects feature an apprenticeship partnership, which is comprised of public and private sector entities that include the lead applicant, an IHE (if the lead applicant is not an IHE), employer partners, and optional partners. The optional partners can include organizations to support outreach and training activities, small business development centers, community organizations that provide social support and/or wrap-around services, and optional workforce partners.

Find out how the Apprenticeships: Closing the Skills Gap grant is increasing apprenticeship opportunities for all Americans.


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