We’ve reorganized the Division to serve you better!

Len B Jordan Building

The Idaho Division of Career Technical Education (IDCTE) is pleased to announce we’ve reorganized some of our departments to improve communication and resource allocation and allow our internal teams to work more collaboratively, holistically, and proactively.

This reorganization created two new departments—Program Services and Educator Services—and provided opportunities to promote some of our hard-working employees:

Adrian San Miguel’s title of Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Training has been changed to Director of Program Services to reflect the work of his department better. He will continue to provide leadership and oversight of postsecondary, adult, and federal programs. Reporting to San Miguel are James Barrett-Spencer, Lisa Costa, and Justin Touchstone.

Barrett-Spencer will serve as Assistant Director of Federal and Related Programs. In his new role, he will continue to provide direct oversight of Perkins and oversee all federal grant programs, adult education, and other specialized training programs. He previously served as the Federal Compliance Coordinator.

Costa will serve as Assistant Director of Student Leadership and lead the Student Leadership team’s efforts to support local programs in providing student leadership opportunities through our seven CTSOs. Previously, she served as one of our Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) managers, providing leadership to FCCLA and DECA.

Touchstone will serve as Assistant Director of Program Quality and will lead the Program Quality team to ensure quality program delivery and support through Idaho’s secondary and postsecondary CTE programs. He previously served as Senior Program Quality Manager. He will continue to maintain his Engineering and Technology Education program portfolio. 

The Educator Services department consists of our Professional Development and Educator Certification teams. Dona Orr will now serve as Director of Professional Development and will provide oversight for IDCTE’s Professional Development services. Orr’s initial focus will be refining and launching an individualized InSpIRE Educator Program and building on the success of our current InSpIRE model. In her prior role, Orr served as the Director of Secondary Education, where she provided leadership over the statewide secondary CTE system.

Kristi Enger will now serve as the Director of Educator Certification. In addition to focusing on educator certification, she will act as the liaison between IDCTE and the University of Idaho and Idaho State University’s teacher educator preparation programs. Previously, Enger served as the Director of Certification and Professional Development and played a critical role in developing the current InSpIRE Teacher Educator program and overseeing Educator Certification. 

Please join us in congratulating our employees on their new roles. An updated organization chart is now available. Feel free to reach out to our staff if you have any questions or comments. We hope these changes better serve the students, educators, and employers involved in Idaho’s CTE system.