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Workforce Readiness Incentive Awards   Grant Expenditure reports and any unspent funds are due to IDCTE on June 30, 2024. Reports should be sent via email to   *Exact timelines are at the discretion of IDCTE and are subject to change*  

State CTE Added-Cost Funds Annual District Expenditure Report FY24 – Due July 31, 2024

State CTE Added-Cost Funds Annual District Expenditure Report FY 2024 is due July 31, 2024. This report displays all funding that was used to support CTE programs.   Section A: Total Support for CTE Programs (all money spent on program support in FY24 - excluding teacher salaries/benefits paid by SDE and Perkins Funding) Section B: […]

Program Quality Initiative – Incentive

IDCTE authorizes PQI Incentive Awards for districts in fall each year. *Incentive Awards are invite only Expenditure reports are due no later than March 15.

Program Quality Initiative – Technical Assistance Grant: Application Open Now!

IDCTE authorizes PQI Technical Assistance Grants for districts in late fall each year.  Technical Assistance grants are awarded to districts on a reimbursement basis. The application period is October 1 - October 31, 5 pm MST. Awardees can expect notification regarding grant status mid November.* Technical Assistance grant reimbursement requests, with purchase documentation, must be […]

Program Quality Initiative – Establishment: Applications Due 11/29/2024

IDCTE authorizes PQI Establishment Grants for districts in late fall each year. The application period is November 1 - November 30*, 5 pm MST. Awardees will be notified mid December.   Districts are required to submit a grant reimbursement request to for each grant award no later than March 15.   *Exact timeline for […]

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