FST returns to IDCTE

At the start of fiscal year 2022, FST moved back to IDCTE. After IFSAC accreditation is transferred from CEI, IDCTE begins engaging its partners in strategic planning to develop a shared vision for the future of FST in Idaho.

EITC becomes College of Eastern Idaho (CEI)

Voters approved to change EITC from a technical college to a community college, establishing their own governing board and providing independent oversight for the FST program. While running the program, CEI secured more than $1 million in federal grant funding to purchase state-of-the-art fire training equipment to support more than 180 Idaho fire departments.

FST established

FST was created to offer training to fire departments in Idaho and was initially housed under IDCTE (formerly known as the Idaho Division of Vocational Education).

IDCTE announces FST moving back to Boise

IDCTE proposed moving FST back to the Division to create a statewide system that allows institutions to meet the needs of their region and industry and use SkillStack® for student record management.

FST transfers to Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC)

The FST program was transferred to the technical college system to gain efficiencies. At that time, EITC began the IFSAC accreditation process, which was attained in April 2015.