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Technical Advisory Committees (TAC)

To fulfill our mission of providing Idaho’s youth and adults with the technical skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for successful performance in a highly effective workplace there must be a strong partnership between education and industry.

Industry represents the employer of the students we prepare. Industry is also constantly incorporating the latest technology into their processes and envisioning the future of the marketplace – all of which translates to the ever-evolving skills necessary for their workforce.

Purpose of technical advisory committees:

Successful career & technical programs maintain close ties with business, industry, and labor and must be integrally linked to the communities and state. Career & technical programs in Idaho are required by IDAPA to “incorporate active input from an appropriately qualified business/industry technical advisory committee.”

Specifically, technical advisory committees should:

  • Bring focus to important program outcomes
  • Bring training expertise to the table – they provide on-the-job training to their employees, and can share best practices
  • Secure resources for your program – equipment, manpower, expertise
  • Provide students and staff with new opportunities – internships, work experiences, career exploration
  • Connect you with the larger community – committee members have networks they can engage as appropriate
  • Advocate on behalf of your program

Reporting for technical advisory committees:

Technical Advisory Committee reports are due annually by June 1. Please take time to read the handbook, and find the necessary reports.