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Fire Service Training

Forms and Skill Sheets

Every level of certification an applicant is requesting for a skills test MUST have an application.

Example: A new firefighter is entering the system and is testing for Firefighter I. That applicant MUST apply for Hazmat Awareness and Operations as well as Firefighter I if they wish to test those prerequisites at the same time as Firefighter I.

All forms for testing are now fillable online. When possible, please fill out the forms electronically then email them to Or, print and mail or fax forms in. This greatly assists with our processing.

Idaho Fire Service Training

The Idaho Fire Service Training (FST) program is committed to partner with Idaho fire departments, fire districts, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) to provide Idaho firefighters with quality training and safety practices consistent with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards and current National best practices. We also exist to provide verification of requisite knowledge and skills by administration of a nationally recognized third party certification process.

Skill Sheets

Driver/Operator General Skill Sheets
Driver/Operator Pumping Apparatus
Fire Instructor I
Fire Officer 1 Portfolio
Fire Officer 2 Portfolio
Firefighter I Practice Sheets
Firefighter I Skill Sheets
Firefighter II Practice Sheets
Firefighter II Skill Sheets
Flow Chart For Driver/Operator General Skills Test
Flow Chart for Driver/Operator Pumping Apparatus Skills Test
Hazardous Materials Awareness
Hazardous Materials Operations
Hazardous Materials Operations Practice Sheets

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