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Individualized Occupational Training

Are you craving real-world work experience? Or maybe your school doesn’t offer CTE classes in an area you want to explore? IOT may be right for you.

What is Individualized Occupational Training (IOT)?

IOT programs provide organized work-based learning experiences to fit your individual career choices, and extend the range of CTE offerings your school can offer.

Benefits of IOT:

  • You gain the skills (both soft and hard) real employers want
  • You gain real experience for your resume
  • You develop relationships with real employers
  • Your experiences can help you transition to college CTE programs

How does IOT work?

The first step is to sign up for the one semester prerequisite course: Career Exploration and Employment Preparation. This course will prepare you for IOT that is uniquely suited to your interests, strengths, and motivations.

Next you will be paired with an employment opportunity at an approved worksite with a mentor/trainer that matches your interests and skill level. As a team you will create a training plan that reflects current industry standards. You, your guardian, the employer, and a school official will sign this plan.

If you have questions regarding IOT please contact your school counselor. IOT is an excellent step on your pathway to be college and career ready.