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Agriculture & Natural Resources

Do you love plants and animals?

What is Agriculture & Natural Resources?

Classes in Agriculture & Natural Resources focus on the production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities and resources including food, fiber, wood products, natural resources, horticulture, and other plant and animal products/resources.

Link to: Department of Agricultural and Extension Education

Careers in Agriculture & Natural Resources:

The career possibilities are truly endless. If these careers inspire you please talk with your guidance counselor about CTE, or contact the technical college nearest you!

Food Products and Processing Systems:

Agricultural Sales • Agricultural Communications Specialists • Agricultural EducatorsFood ScientistsMeat ProcessorsToxicologistsBiochemistsNutritionists-Dieticians • Food Broker • Food InspectorsMeat CuttersMeat Graders • Meat Science Researchers • Food Meal Supervisors • Cheese Makers • MicrobiologistsProduce BuyersBacteriologistsAgricultural Inspectors • BioengineersAgricultural EngineersFood ProcessorsStorage Supervisors • Fieldman • Quality Control Specialists

Plant Systems:

Bioinformatics SpecialistsPlant Science • Biotechnology Lab Technician • Soil & Water Specialists • Crop Farm ManagersAgricultural EducatorsPlant PathologistsAquaculturistsSales RepresentativesBotanists • Tree Surgeons • Education & Extension Specialists • Agricultural Journalists • Commodity Marketing Specialists • Grain Operations Superintendents • Custom Hay/Silage Operators • Forestry TechniciansGolf Course SuperintendentsGreenhouse MangersGrowersFarmersRanchers

Animal Systems:

Agricultural EducatorsAnimal Breeders • AI Technicians • AquaculturalistsAnimal CaretakersPoultry Science • Equine Managers-VeterinariansVeterinary Assistants • Feedlot Specialists • Animal Scientists • Embryo Technologists • Livestock Buyers • Feed Sales Representatives • Vivarium Technicians • Wildlife BiologistsAnimal Husbandry and Production • Animal Nutritionists • Dairy Science • Livestock InspectorsFeed Sales Specialists • Animal Health Salespersons • Meat Science Researcher • Animal Physiologists • Embryo Transfer Technicians • Pet Shop Operators • Agricultural Inspectors

Power, Structural & Technical Systems:

Machine Operators • Electronics Systems Technicians • Agricultural Engineers • Agricultural Extension Engineering Specialists • Heavy Equipment Maintenance TechniciansRecycling TechniciansWaste Water Treatment Plant Operators • Equipment/Parts Managers • WeldersMachinistsCommunication Technicians • Agricultural Applications Software Developers/Programmers • Database AdministratorsComputer Service Technical Support Technicians • Information Lab Specialists • GPS Technicians • Remote Sensing Specialist

Natural Resources Systems:

CartographersWildlife Sciences and ManagementRange TechniciansEcologistsPark MangersEnvironmental Scientists • Fish and Game OfficersLoggersForest TechniciansLog GradersWood Science and Paper Technology • Soil Geology TechnicianGeologistsMining Engineers • Fisheries Sciences and Management • Water Monitoring Technician • HydrologistsFish Hatchery Manager • Commercial Fishermen • Fishing Vessel Operators • Vessel Crew

Environmental Service Systems:

Pollution Prevention and Control Managers • Pollution Prevention and Control Technicians • Environmental Sampling and Analysis Scientists/Technicians • Health and Safety Sanitarians • Environmental Compliance Assurance ManagersHazardous Materials HandlersHazardous Materials Technicians / Managers • Water Environment Managers • Water Quality Managers • Waste Water Managers • Toxicologists • Solid Waste Disposers • Recyclers • Solid Waste Technician • Solid Waste Managers • Solid Waste Specialists

Agribusiness Systems:

SalespersonSales ManagerBanker/Loan Officer • Field Representative for Bank, Insurance Company or Government Program • Farm Investment Manager • Agricultural Commodity BrokerAgricultural EconomistFarmer /Rancher/Feedlot OperatorFarm ManagerLivestock Rancher / Breeder • Dairy Herd Supervisor (DHIA) • Agricultural Products Buyer • Animal Health Products Distributor • Livestock Seller • Feed and Supply Store Manager • Produce Commission Agent • Ag Lenders • Agricultural Chemical Dealer • Field Service Representative • Chemical Sales Representative