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Program Quality Initiative – Incentive 

The Program Quality Initiative (PQI) Incentive Awards, established by Idaho Code 33-1635, provide additional funding for high-performing, approved secondary pathway programs in Business and Marketing, Engineering and Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Professions, and Trades and Industry. Refer to the FAQ section in regards to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and Career Technical Centers (CTCs) being ineligible for PQI Incentive. Eligibility is contingent upon the percentage of students completing and passing the Technical Skills Assessment (TSA) and Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA). Funds must be used for specific purposes such as instructional materials, equipment, professional development, and services related to the eligible CTE program pathway, with recipient Local Education Agency (LEA)s required to submit expenditure reports. Please refer to the Allowable Uses of Added-Cost Funds document on the Educator Portal. Awards are authorized in the fall, and expenditure reports are due by March 15. 

Program Quality Initiative – Technical Assistance

The PQI Technical Assistance Grants, established by Idaho Code 33-1635, are designed to help eligible school LEAs and program pathways implement strategies to enhance standards and improve program quality. Eligibility is determined by prior year WRA pass rates for LEAs and TSA pass rates for program pathways. LEA applications should target strategies to boost student achievement of Idaho Workplace Skills for Career Readiness Standards across all CTE programs. In contrast, pathway applications should focus on improving the achievement of specific pathway standards. Grant funds may be used for instructional materials, equipment, and professional development expenses. However, funds cannot be used for salaries, CTSO expenses, construction, or other unapproved costs. Technical Assistance Grants are reimbursed to LEAs, with reimbursement requests due by March 15 and subject to approval by IDCTE.

Program Quality Initiative – Establishment

The PQI Establishment Grants, established by Idaho Code 33-1635, help school LEAs acquire equipment for newly approved programs in Business and Marketing, Engineering and Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health Professions, and Trades and Industry. Programs that receive funding as part of career technical centers (CTCs) are ineligible. Only eligible programs receive invitations to apply for grant funding, which must be used solely for acquiring IDCTE-approved industry-standard equipment. LEAs must submit grant reimbursement requests by March 15.

Workforce Readiness Incentive Awards 

The Workforce Readiness Incentive (WRI), established by Idaho Code 33-1635, is designed to acknowledge quality secondary CTE programs; programs funded as part of CTCs are ineligible. WRI funds are allocated to LEAs based on the number of CTE concentrators meeting specific criteria, including passing the TSA and WRA and earning relevant sub-badges in SkillStack® by April 30 each year. Eligible programs must offer the TSA. Funds can be used to retain CTE teachers, acquire industry-standard equipment, and provide student workforce experiences. LEAs must distribute funds to qualifying pathway programs and submit expenditure reports by June 30, with unspent funds returned to IDCTE. 


Who should I contact if I have questions regarding grants?

Contact our Director of Perkins and MOA for federal Perkins grant questions, our Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Program Quality Manager for Idaho Quality Program Standards grant questions, and our Grants Oversight Coordinator for Program Quality Incentive or special grants questions. 

Idaho Career Ready Student grant application is through the Idaho Department of Education. 

Where can I find grant deadlines and timelines?

Which statute established the Program Quality Initiative and Workforce Readiness Incentive programs?  

Where can I find instructions and overviews for the grants? 

All instructions and overview documents for PQI, WRI, and IQPS are in the Educator Portal.  

Are career technical centers eligible for PQI grants?  

No. Idaho Code 33-16-35 specifically excludes career technical centers from eligible programs. 

Who is eligible for PQI—Incentive grants?

To be eligible to receive a PQI—Incentive grant, at least 90% of eligible students must complete the Technical Skills Assessment (TSA), at least 75% of students enrolled in the capstone must pass the TSA, and at least 86% of students must pass the Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA). 

Who is eligible for PQI—Technical Assistance grants?

A LEA can apply for a PQI—Technical Assistance grant if less than 80% of students passed the WRA the prior school year. Pathway programs are invited to apply if less than 50% of capstone students passed the TSA the previous school year. 

Who is eligible for PQI—Establishment grants?

New secondary CTE programs approved by IDCTE in the previous year and current year are invited to apply for grant funding. Agriculture programs are ineligible as they are funded under IQPS.  

Why are Agriculture programs ineligible for PQI Incentive or Establishment grants?  

In FY 2015, legislation was passed to create the Idaho Quality Program Standards (IQPS) for Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) programs. This initiative provides grant monies to start AFNR programs each year. PQI Establishment Grants offer similar opportunities for the remaining CTE program areas.  

Who is eligible for Workforce Readiness Incentive Grants?  

Eligibility for the Workforce Readiness Incentive Grant is determined by the number of CTE concentrators in approved pathways who passed the WRA and their respective TSA and earned all relevant sub-badges in SkillStack®.

The Idaho Division of Career Technical Education (IDCTE) offers multiple grant opportunities to support, enhance, and reward CTE programs. 

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