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Hospitality Program at LCSC

By Tanya Harris February 6, 2019

Abigale TackittSubmitted by: Abigail, Lewis-Clark State College Student

The hospitality program at LCSC has given me the opportunity to explore different career options within my degree. I have learned new ways to grow and improve myself as a part of the industry. The learning environment is all about hands on activities, discussions, and sharing ideas between the instructor and all of the students without judgement. The creativity of this environment has allowed me to flourish and try out all avenues to decide what part of the industry interests me the most and ensure I’m confident in my choice. Rodney Farrington is an instructor with a real passion for this subject. The community of students I am surrounded by in my classroom on a day to day basis continues to encourage me. Every student in the program shares just as much enthusiasm for hospitality as myself. I couldn’t imagine a better fit than this program and the way it continues to grow and be a positive environment for my education.