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Verizon Innovative Learning App Challange

By Justin Touchstone September 22, 2016

The Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge, a program of the Verizon Foundation in partnership with the Technology Student Association is underway. With an attractive grand prize for eight “Best in Nation” schools ($20,000 for each national winning school), this competition has become extremely popular. Submissions have come from all disciplines – from STEM-focused groups to language arts and the humanities. This contest has been increasingly attractive because it does NOT require technology experience or computer programming – just creativity and communication skills to come up with a novel app idea.

Since this NASSP approved student contest launched in 2012, almost 3,500 middle and high school teams from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have submitted app concepts. The competition has engaged more than 24,000 boys and girls in urban, suburban, and rural areas, including many underserved communities. About half the winning students are female.

Please visit the website  and the view the App Challenge FAQ flyer for more information.   Get the word out now, REGISTRATION CLOSES NOVEMBER 18, 2016.