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Technical Skill Assessments (TSA) and Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA)

All CTE concentrators are required to take the state-approved technical skills assessment. All seniors enrolled in at least their second CTE course are required to take the Workplace Readiness Assessment.

  • CTE concentrator: a junior or senior enrolled in a capstone course
  • Capstone course: culminating course in a series of courses

Approved TSAs:

Here is a list of TSAs for each capstone course with their associated ISEE number and pathway description:

It’s important to not enroll students in capstone courses unless they have completed the prerequisites. Ensuring that students complete prerequisite courses contributes to their success in achieving knowledge and skills in their program area.

CTECS Idaho Testing Information

Career Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS) will create and host most of our pathway TSAs as well as the Workplace Readiness Assessment (WRA). You can find information about the testing process, costs, and time requirements here.