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New Teacher Workshops

By Kristi Enger September 16, 2016

Join us at one of two new CTE teacher workshops to be held in the next few weeks. There are two locations and two dates, so find the best fit for you! Agriculture and Natural Resource Program Instructors: You must attend The University of Idaho workshop.

Friday, September 30, 2016Idaho State University, Pocatello location

  • 921 South 8th Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho 83209
  • Visit for driving directions
  • Attachments: ISU New Teacher Orientation agenda; Directions to Garrison Hall; ISU map; Pocatello hotel possibilities

Thursday-Friday, October 6-7, 2016The University of Idaho, Boise location

  • 322 E Front Street, Boise, Idaho 83702
  • Click here to access a Google map


As you will recall, participating in a new teacher workshop is one component of moving from your Limited Occupational Specialist certificate to your Standard Occupational Certificate. More importantly however, participating in training designed specifically for a new CTE instructor is critical to the success of your year. We want to support your transition to the CTE classroom and provide you the technical assistance that helps make your year flow more smoothly for you, your students, and your school community!

How Do I Register for One of These Workshops?

  • Work with your school administrator to secure his/her support. Make sure your administrator makes arrangements for you to have a sub in your absence.
  • Next, go to and provide the registration information requested. I will take it from there!
  • Finally, place the date on your calendar—you’re attendance is confirmed!!!  Make any travel arrangements you require.

Who Pays for My Travel Expenses?

  • Because you are a secondary CTE instructor employed in an approved CTE program, your district will be granted added-cost funding for your program that will allow you to travel at school (your program) expense. Work with your administrator for the process that you will need to follow.
  • The district will need to cover the expenses for the substitute teacher as they would for any other teacher away at a professional development opportunity.

What Should I Bring With Me?

  • Laptop and/or paper and a writing utensil
  • Questions that you may have
  • Enthusiasm and a commitment to learn all that you can
  • Openness to networking with other new-to-CTE instructors throughout Idaho

Register TODAY, as the workshops are approaching rapidly. We want to prepare for you to have the best experience possible!