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Secondary Forms

Here you will find secondary forms: 

New Program Application

Added-Cost Funds Report (formerly 10R)

This year has been a year of change in how we allocate added-cost funds to districts. Each district received its full distribution, with no remaining funds to be provided after we received the district’s 10R, as in previous years. This year, instead of completing a 10R for each separate program in your district, we are requiring a report titled “Idaho Career & Technical Education Actual Program Expenditure Report” (“Expenditure Report”) that will list and describe how your district spent its added-cost funds allocation. Please complete one (1) combined Expenditure Report for all of the programs within the district for FY2018. Form 10R Expenditure Report Please submit your Expenditure Report by July 15, or request an extension through Please direct all questions to or contact Dona Orr, Director of Secondary Education, at 208.429.5519