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ITSA Safety Poster Event 2017 Update- This is a Do-Ahead Event

By Sean Courtright December 7, 2016

Computer Generated Safety Poster Information for Level I & II Events

The Computer Generated Safety Poster contest is designed to direct members’ attention to the area of  safety. Contestants are required to produce a computer generated safety poster following specific regulations as described below.

The purpose of the Computer Generated Safety Poster contest is to provide a means for TSA members to demonstrate their ability to recognize safety needs and to communicate safety messages in visual form.

2017 Theme: Electronic Aggression

For more information and additional resources on this subject visit the link below.

A. Must be current TSA state and national member and registered State Conference participant.

B. This is an individual event. Maximum of 12 participants per level, per chapter.

A. Posters may depict any safety procedure/concept, as long as it relates to some
phase of Technology Education.

1. Saved in a PDF format and emailed  prior to the February 6th deadline. Utilize the Contestant’s participant number as the file name. Example: 1218001.pdf Write “Safety Poster” in the subject line of the email.
2. Formatted in Poster Size of 11” X 17”.
3. A list of costs and a bill of materials to print 500 copies must be included as a separate excel document.

B. Contestant’s name, school, etc., must not appear on the front of the poster.

C. The Computer Generated Safety Poster must be created 100% with the use of a computer.

A. Registration – contest participants must register for the event in accordance with procedures established for each conference. (Posters will be emailed to prior to the February 6th deadline.)

B. Posters may be picked up at the conclusion of the conference.

C. All winning safety posters become the property of ITSA, Inc., for a period of one year, to be utilized as deemed appropriate by the corporate board members.