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Business & Marketing February Communication

By Shauna Williams February 23, 2017

Happy CTE Month!!

Please share with me any events that you will be doing this month in your student organizations to celebrate CTE Month. Here are some ideas .

I will post your pictures and celebrations on our Business & Marketing Blog site

CTE Month is a perfect time to give the WRA to your Seniors before state conference, AP Exams and other activities hit in the Spring.


Business & Marketing Program Area Information- Here is a list of items to be aware of for February:
New Program of Study

New Program of Study Applications- Due February 15th  Application can be found here


Due February 15th for Semester Courses- March 15th for Trimester Courses.  If you are completing your 10 E’s and get a false error message, please have your administrator verify the  information, it will show up on their end.


Administrative Services, Marketing & Accounting are live exams, make sure to give these exams to your program area completers.
Business Management & Business Digital Communication programs of study will give the TSA Pilot this year, no charge for the pilot exam
Business Cluster Programs of Study will give the WRA to all Seniors who have had 2 or more CTE courses.

 Please contact me if you have any questions 429-5506

Business & Marketing Student Organization Information

SLC Register Here
February 7th SLC Registration is Due, Officer Applications due to Mindy Lincoln, Pre-submitted events postmarked to Donna Gudmundson.
February 15th Hotel Reservation must be made by
February 12Late Registration begins,
February 13th Late registration ends.
February 24th Changes to Scheduling ends.

Register Here
February 17th CDLC Registration Due, Officer Applications due to Shauna Williams, Written Reports uploaded (Site link will be available February 10th)
February 20th CDLC Registration Closes
ebruary 20-27th Marketing Cluster Exams

Business & Marketing Teacher Organization Information


Not too late to join IBEA or NBEA, be a part of a strong teacher organization in Business & Marketing Education.

WBEA Conference-Bozeman, MT February 17th-20th
Timeline of the conference
WBEA Boise 2018!!!
Contact Dona Orr or Brenda Jacobsen if you would like to be on a planning committee

REACH Summer Conference 2017- August 1-4th
Please fill out the survey on ideas for workshops for our Business & Marketing Day at REACH
REACH Business & Marketing Survey