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Assignment Manual / Course Codes / Program Codes

The Assignment Credential Manual is intended to help you match up your endorsements on your credential (certification), to the course assignments that you are able to teach with your given endorsements. You may open either of the document formats below. Once there, key <Ctrl><F> to generate the “find” box that comes up. Click on that box and enter:

  • By Endorsement Code. Defined as one four-digit endorsement code that appears on your teaching credential. Then, use the up and down buttons in the “find” box to move through the courses that your certification allows you to teach. If you hold more than one endorsement, repeat these directions for subsequent endorsements. OR
  • By Assignment Code. Defined as one six-digit course identification code that represents a course that you have been assigned to teach. When that course becomes visible on your screen, look to the far right column to ensure that an endorsement you hold is among those listed for that particular course. If it is, you are in compliance with I.S.E.E. If not, your certification is misaligned with I.S.E.E.


ICTE Assignment Credential Manual (pdf) (Revised 11.27.2019)

ICTE Assignment Credential Manual (Excel) (Revised 11.6.2019)

Manual Support Resources:

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